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New AntiDuplicate version 5.3.0 has been released.
See AntiDuplicate History for details.

AntiDuplicate version 4.4.0:
USB 3.0 support. New samples was added to SDK.

AntiDuplicate version 4.3.0:
More USB flash drive models are supported, internal protection was improved.

AntiDuplicate version 4.0.0:
New unique hardware diagnostics method is implemented.

Create software protection dongles from ordinary USB flash drives!


Key USB Drive    AntiDuplicate™

Transform ordinary USB flash drives to software protection dongles!
You can make robust USB hardware keys and the media for software distribution at the same time.
AntiDuplicate SDK is an effective tool for creation of copy protected software.

Key Disk. Distribution protection    Alkonost™ ContraCopy

ContraCopy enables preparing and identifying diskettes contain unique identification information, which can be read via your executable file only. Software developers can create key floppy disks for a copy protected software distribution system.

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